new breed for us, chicks coming soon, Lord willing, In Kentucky

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by kyfarm, Mar 6, 2012.

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    hello we raised up chicks last summer, still have 4 extra roos, but our breeding flock of 3 hens and one roo, (of course hoped for more hens) are doing well. should have our first chicks mid march and onward thru sept. we incubate so ongoing hatching. These birds are a great breed, easy to handle and great layers. so far eggs are not as large as i hoped but that may come with age. These were the first wyandottes we have tried on our farm blue laced red, and i like them alot so far. we have 5 breeds of chickens, 2 breeds heritage turkeys, peafowl and jumbo pearl guineas we started with 5 chickens total, but chicken owning and breeding is addicting.
    i will try to put pictures on soon.
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    Would love to see pics! My good friend Cetawin (real name Ladyhawk) lives in Western KY, too.

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