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  1. Akane

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    Jun 15, 2008
    My first parrot type bird. Do you think it's male or female? It's cere just looks white to me.


  2. chickenjones

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    Jun 30, 2009
    Burleson, TX
    I read in a book that their cere (cire?) the area above the beak with holes, is usually blue or colored if its a male, so I am going with female [​IMG]
  3. thornoelle

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Fort Worth, TX
    You have a very young baby there and the colour of their cere doesn't develop until they mature. You may have to wait a couple of months to figure out what you have for certain. As the stripes on the top of the head begin to disappear the cere will begin to develop it's colour. Regardless, it is a very cute baby!
  4. Duck_feeder

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    Oct 22, 2009
    definitely too young to tell. The cere of your budgies is the color most budgies have when they are juveniles and the barring on their forehead area usually becomes clear when they fully mature (6-9 months if i remember correctly). The cere doesn't always change colors for some colors (albino, lutinos, and a few other colors) but it looks like your bird doesn't have any of those genes.

    Are you going to get a friend for you new budgie? Unless you can dedicate some time everyday to your bird, they'll be happier with a friend.

    How's the cage situation?
    Most pet stores will sell you cages that are far too small. It needs to be big enough for the bird to stretch his wings, have at least 3 different types of perches of varying thickness (keeps feet healthy), and a few toys to play with.

    What's the diet like? Seeds tend to be unhealthy because they get eat the seeds they like most so they get an imbalanced diet (equivalent to a person eating ice cream and chocolate all the time). Switching a bird to pellets requires a lot of time and patience but is worth it for your birds health!
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