New Chick Pics


7 Years
May 13, 2012
Tacoma, Washington
I did a photo shoot with our new chicks last weekend. My wife laughed at me, but I think they came out pretty nice. It was a challenge keeping them in the picture, but once they settled down it was pretty fun. After the shoot, I spent the next two days working on their new chicken castle. It's coming along nicely, and I can't wait to introduce the chicks to their new home!
Take it from me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a photo shoot of your chickens. I take pictures of mine. Lots of pictures. No, they don't sit for a photo. I sit for the photo. I sit with them and put my photo finger to work. I'm a photogoroholic, and proud of it.
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Chicks are much more difficult to photograph than full grown chickens. The brooder light is usually red - therefore tweaks the picture... the chicks run like mad, leaving blurs everywhere, but out of 100 - you'll get a few you love :)

Don't be afraid to share them ;) Everyone loves looking at new chick pictures.

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