New Chick: Spraddle Leg, Riboflavin, or Something else? What to do???

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    After my first hatch on Sunday morning I have one little one who isn't doing so well. She walks up on her hocks with legs in the air and uses her wings to scoot around. On day 1 she was actually getting around OK this way, not complaining, eating and drinking. Thinking it was spraddle leg I did a band-aid brace - no improvement. Then after reading some more I thought vitamin B is more likely? She keeps her legs up near her body even when hanging and has never tried to use her feet. She seems to have feeling in her feet, but toes are splayed, not curled. I ordered some poultry vitamins and they arrive later today.

    Yesterday she got worse. She cries in distress constantly when trying to walk or even lying down - it sounds like she's in pain. She'll drink when offered, but not eat. I have to keep her either in a wash-cloth donut in the brooder to take weight off her legs (which helps some), or lying on her back in my lap (which helps more).

    It's so sad / stressful! Is vitamin B the most likely? Is it worth trying vitamins when they arrive today? How many days would that take? Should I keep a brace on in the meantime? Are the odds of success so small that it's unfair to keep trying?

    Thank you for any advice!!! [​IMG]



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    I would give the poultry vitamins, and try to get her to eat some scrambled chopped egg, and try putting warm water in a small amount of her chick feed. She could have a neurological problem from her birth that may not be able to be helped, but you can keep trying with vitamins and splinting of her legs if needed. Poultry Pedia Podiatry is a good website for help on chicks' foot and leg problems.

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