Aug 26, 2019
Just north of Seattle, WA
Hi! My name is Suzanne and I live in the PNW. My kids, age 12 & 14 are super excited to FINALLY be getting chickens! The entire family has worked to build the coop and yard: dug deep, hardware cloth, build up, fence it in... They even built a special solid door with jigsawed eggs, a chicken and a heart for the yard gate.
We are total noobs at this (although I spent a couple years working on a farm in high school).
Part of the fun, so far, has been going through a big book of chicken breeds and choosing our favorites: we're getting one day-old chick each of: Golden Campine, Double-Laced Barnevelder, Lavender Orpington, and Blue Egger! So excited to find these breeds! I've also got a line on a possible Dorking pullet.

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