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    Apr 26, 2010
    I have an established flock of a Golden Campine Roo, speckeled Hamburg hen and a EE hen. I had two others but one was an internal egg layer and had to be dispatched and another was abducted by a preditor. I bought two new chicks (BO and Black star) at the tractor supply to add to the flock that I already have. My chicks are about 12 weeks and the BO is almost bigger than my EE. I have two coops that I place right next to each other (chicken ark tractors) and they free range in the day. The chicks go one way and the older flock goes another. One day only the BO came back to roost at night. I cant find the BS anywhere. Now that I only have the BO, I want to move it with the established flock. I have tried switching coops (put the BO in the established and vis versa) and I've tried placing the BO in at night. The BO is terrified of the the other chickens and wants nothing to do with them. When I let them all out to free range, the BO runs off into the woods for the day and comes back at night. I don't want her to get abducted by preditors so I have been putting her in the tractor with the two hens, locking the Roo out. The two hens don't peck the BO too much but the BO is so freaked out she just runs around the pen frantically. When she gets close to the hens they might peck her but nothing terrible. A couple of times the EE has chased her and she will then just run to a corner and put her head in it and stay there with her butt up in the air. When she does that the other hens just go about their busness and leave her alone. What is her problem? Is this normal? Should I just leave her in there with the other two hens until she gets used to them? I want her to be able to eat and drink and I feel bad that she is soo freaked out. My Roo is very gentle and sweet to the hens that I have. Should I put him in the pen with them or do you think he will freak her out even more? Thanks for any advice. I'm new to this integration business.
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    It sounds to me like she's just scared of them. Maybe give her a little more time in side by side coops and see if she integrates herself during free range time.
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    She is hiding. They are probably pecking her. I had a rooster that did this, he was getting beat up really badly by the others, it ended with him being bloodied from their pecking. That's when I removed him.

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