New Chicken Owners... Already Totally Obsessed


May 16, 2016
Hello all;

My wife and I have been on the forums for a little bit watching all of these lovely coop posts and baby chick posts and it's been truly wonderful for us to finally get a chance to join in.

It all started weeks ago where we found three baby chicks on Craigslist, sadly only two made it to our door so we needed some more, we have Michigan winters so I was told that we needed atleast four so that they could keep eachother nice and cosy in the winter months.

So I went off to a local place that had babies and asked for a couple more. Wonderful place in Brighton, Michigan called The Chick Hatchery and Supplies

"You need four more" the chap at the place said,

"No mate (I'm British btw lol) just two."

"No man you need four, what if one's a rooster?"

"Ahh I see," I wasn't too keen on the idea of six of the little cherubs in all honesty. Off he went and left me in suspense for five minutes or so, and then his son returned with a lovely little chirping box. Inside were three babies.

So we had two dark grey Brahmas from Craigslist, then in the box were two beautiful white Leghorns and a Maran, quite a nice variety. So off I went to introduce the girls to each other inside their little plastic tote in the spare room. The tote did grow in size pretty quickly I might add to a point of my wife saying around three weeks, you should probably build that coop.

Here they were around two weeks messing around in the garden supervised. We are totally smitten with all of them.

Thanks so much for looking at our thread, more updates to come. :)
Thanks for the warm welcome, wanted to keep the updates going.

So the ladies (I think they all are, guess we'll see) are getting pretty massive, I never thought chickens would grow so quickly. And it was time to build a nice coop for them. I went with the fairly popular converticoop and so far they love it.

Sadly we don't have much in the ways of power tools so every cut had to done by hand, sadly that meant the miters weren't perfect. Ah well.

I am hoping that it will serve them well. I think it might be a bit small upstairs but I am thinking of maybe building an extension to their dwelling on one of the ends down the road so that they have more room inside. They've already torn the grass up underneath quite a bit but we're not too worried, they need somewhere to dust bathe apparently.
And then they grew in size, as did our love and obsession for them.

Beautiful girls

Don't mind the pug... They certainly don't mind him.

So that's where we are. We don't really know if all of them are female, the one fairly light coloured Maran I am suspecting might be a roo based on his or her posture. She's also a little bit more skittish than the others.

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