New chicks first timer!!

I have started to notice a few things. There is definitely a pecking order. Couple of the times they are jumping on the backs of the smaller ones and was just making sure they are ok? I have them 6 of them in a broader pretty big actually and they are mean little boogers. Will they grow out of the frantic stage? The white legs. Won't let me even touch them but the brocks are getting use to me getting into cage and letting me pet them.


Sep 25, 2015
Yes,if you spend quality time and manage them like their pets,they should grow out of.

Never heard of jumping on the backs nor have I ever seen it.
Oops sorry, went past that one! 3 Barred Rock's 3 White Leghorns. Size is 4' wide, 3' deep, 4' tall. Light at back corner.


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