New chicks! Hatched Yesterday.

Apr 19, 2022
221B Baker Street
Here you go, @Tretinker !
Tons of pictures. Most will be in random order, but I'll tell you a bit about them.


This is a Lavender Orpington hen mixed with a mutt rooster. She was last to hatch and an assisted hatch (very, very assisted), but she's doing fine now. I can post pictures of the parents if you want too.

This one also has my lavender orpington for a mother and one of my Salmon Favorelles for a father. She has five toes! Utra-fluffy, too. This one was our second hatcher.

This is Alina. Her mother is an americauna and her father is the rooster mutt. She has a lot of him in her. Has her mother's eyes though!

The Darlings in the brooder.

Alina again.

The fluff ball.


The assisted hatcher. Sorry for the randomness...


All of these ones are Virgil. Her mother is a barred Plymouth rock mixed with the mutt rooster. She was our first hatcher. She assisted all of the other hatches too. She was by herself for several hours and would peck at the shells of the other chicks' eggs, even peeling shell and membrane off! She has quite the personality.

They're all super sweet, and they'll be getting some playmates soon. I'm getting some Ayam Cemani chicks today! Also getting a dozen rare breed hatching eggs.
🤣 I did wonder, the images I saw had pictures of dodgy looking black eggs next to the chickens!
Yeah, if the egg is black, it wasn't laid by a chicken.

I'll get some pictures of the Cemanis today and post them, as well as a picture of my tiny little incubator... It's very full! The reccomendation is 9-12 eggs; I have 21 in there right now. I'm probably not going to get a very good hatching rate though. It's very wonderful to hatch chickens.

In the bator:
Rare breeds 'barnyard mix': Red Blue-laced Wyandottes (2), Copper Marans (3), Pita Pinta Austuriana (2), Barbezioux (2), Isbar (1), Cream Legbar (1), Golden Deathlayer (1), two of a Russian breed that I can't remember (not Orloff), and Swedish Flower (1). Do Legbars lay really pale blue eggs?
Two of my Barred Rock eggs (hoping for one mixed with my Favorelles Zloty).
Four guinea eggs.

The five toed fluffball might actually be a Favorelles/Brahma mix. It was just an egg that I thought might be from my Lavender Orpington, but looking at the way the chick is built, it might be a brahma. I'll have to see how she feathers. My definitely LO chick (the assisted hatch) is named Zoya if she's a hen, Nickolai if she's a rooster. A family member named an Ayam Cemani Zoza, and I named the other three: The Darkling, Vesper, and Kaz/Inej (dependent on sex).
That's awesome, you incubator is rammed!

The golden deathlayer sounds terrifying! Like the Voldemort of the Chicken world.

Fluffball sounds like she could be a pretty mix.

Legbars I think do lay blue eggs, we might be getting one on Sunday. We've already got a lot going on chicken wise but with the avian flu issue here I think we need to act when we have the chance. One poultry place has already shut down permanently because of it and I know some hobby hatcheries are struggling and might not see out the year. So we might get this one and two green egg layers that are called Marsbars.

I love the name of your chicks, they are brilliant.
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