New chicks/metal clips


8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
i bought 25 sex links (brown) and they came with metal clips stuck in the right wing:( do I leave it or take it out??
Are they pierced through or just clipped? I've never heard of this, but I personally would take them off. They are not natural and I would think would be burdensome as they grow. I say take them off!
They are through and through bent over the top and bottom forward aspect of right wing above the ''elbow''. I bought them at a farm supply store with no info. I originaly thought they were paper to mark sex of chicks but when I got them home and released them found they were metal and seem impossible to remove without injury. It's to late to call store but plan to in morn. thanks for the help.
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That sounds weird, I agree, call tomorrow ... Keep us updated, I'm curious
Is it for identification purposes? My cockatiels all had metal bands on their foot, its to track their breeder but I have never heard of (or even know why you would) doing that in chicks. Where is it located at on the wing?
The clip is on right wing before the "elbow" and it is through and through the forward edge of the wing bent over and cliped I uploaded a pic but have no idea how to post the pic here.
some time a breeder or a hatchery will put these wing bands in the bird to identify them. Such as the breeder, parents, and just the history of the bird.

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