New duck parent needs help


May 28, 2017
View attachment 1021597 View attachment 1021598 I am a part of a wildlife rescue here in Florida, recently fish and game brought me a adult duck that was found at a local duck pond. She was found flipped over on her back and couldn't hold her head up. I started with the basics that we do to all animals that come in,clearly she had been in that state a while she was dehydrated and starving! After 24 hrs of serious TLC her balance got better and she was eating and drinking on her own. However the entire side of her head had some sort of crusty hard substance that covered her eye and her ear, I started cleaning it daily with a bentidine solution and the crusty stuff started to peel away a little more every day. As this started to come off her eye the eye had a milky color and a clear drainage and is smaller than the other eye. I continued to clean and dry this every day and the eye has continued to drain and seems to bother her. She will sit and shake her head frequently and from time to time is slightly off balance but she regains it immediately. We are now 2 weeks in and have gone and purchased her a very sweet young pekin to keep her company they have been together about a week now! I have contacted every and anyone I can to find to help with what is wrong with this poor duck! I started using Terramycin powder in her water and using Terramycin ointment in her eye, for three days now 3 times a day. Other than some slight puffiness there isn't any change in this eye! I don't know if this is from an illness or if she was being pecked at from the the other ducks at the local pond!! She looks to be a pekin mix of some kind the pond has been run by large amounts of muskovy ducks for year but has become the local dumping site to unwanted domestic ducks! Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated, I have quite a fondness for her and our other new duck I just want her to be as happy and loved as possible! I have included two pictures one from the first few days and now.
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