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Nov 25, 2020
I have been a chicken owner for two years now and decided to get some ducks to go along with them currently i have 3 Pekins and 2 cayugas right now they are in a small kitty pool but want to dig out a area bigger or get one of those molded ponds, but i have so many questions! What are the best plants for a duck pond that grow in the water that won’t be destroyed in the first 5 seconds? Are mussels a good filtration system, what is the best way to make the ducks happy and to make it not a disgusting puddle of water. Any advice/ suggestions/ ideas... PLEASE feel welcome and be as specific as possible thank you
I have been using plastic pools and small livestock water tanks for years. It is impossible to keep the water clean because ducks will muck up anything as fast as they can (good thing they are endearing little creatures!).

I've looked at lots of options, and my plan -- in the spring -- is to take an old clawfoot bath tub out of the bar, make a ramp so they can get in and out, and run PVC from the drain into the ditch along the driveway where the sump pump empties. I've seen online where it's worked for other people. I hope it works for me.

I would not trust my little darlings not to destroy any plants I would want to put inside. Maybe I could add some decorative tall grass along the outside?

In any case, it's good to meet you, welcome to the group and the experience of trying to outwit ducks! Please note that above sentence should say "out of the BARN," However, my laptop is having issues and won't allow me to make a correction without retyping the entire post. As I think about it, a tub in the bar might be interesting :hmm
:welcome:woot:woot:celebrate:yesss:Welcome to BYC, You found an Awesome Forum to be a part of with lots of great knowledgeable members who are more then willing to jump in and help you with any questions you may have. :)

Best of luck with a pool and or pond set up for ducks that you can keep clean for any longer then a few days without having to change out the water and clean the poo from the bottom.

IMO, if money is not an issue for a high dollar filtration system that is designed for the heavy duck sludge. Find a pool and or pond that is user friendly for you to clean and change out the water ever few day.

I am a Newbie here also and this is a topic that comes up quite often and I have yet to see the perfect solution to this problem, sorry. :(
I have a pond for my two ducks which has kind of matured now. I don't have to change the water as it is filtered all the time. Duck weed helps keep it clear in summer. I have two pond pumps/filters both with UV. That is how I keep it clean. Good luck.
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Welcome to duck world. We love them so,but I don't know of any way to keep water clean. I use kiddie pools and dump them every couple of days. My ducks love clean water but muck it up in 5 minutes.
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