New Duck Pond

I rolled the concrete over the side 2 ft as you can see. I used 5yards of concrete.(720 dollars)The bottom is a good five inches thick.Sides are 3-4 inches thick.Reinforced with 2x4 welded wire. Looking to the back 1ft and slopes slowly to 2 and1/2ft deep with a three ft deep drain area about a good 2ft around. 3 inch drain pipe.So it ought to drain real fast! Took little over 30 minutes to fill with my starite 1 1/2well pump with a 11/2 inch pipe you see sticking out. Three of us did the work.(Paid my buddies 300) Rented a bobcat for the day.( 270 dollars)All the pipe materials were 60 dollars Cleared all the brush and leveled the ground around the pond. All done in just that one day 6am to 6pm.

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