New freedom pics of 26 roos


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Aug 8, 2010
Klamath Falls, Oregon these guys are at 8 weeks yesterday..I dont have a scale but they are heavy...Been feeding wheat scraps from the mill, compost, and about 1 gallon of 23% gamebird in the morning for 30 roos to share...They are freerange from about 8 am untill 7 at night, although they dont stray to far from their coop.They eat lots of grass, and on days like today when it rained last night they are really happy, running around with worms!
Looking pretty good, eh? Plan to harvest at 12 weeks..No problems with anything other then one with splayed legs at 6 weeks,(culled him) and one that seems to cough alot..By the way there is two hens in there, the one hen is the same size as the roos..the other is my mystery bird, and shes a tiny thing..she may be something else.
Those are 8 weeks old? In the pic? That's really good. I have yet to see those sizes from FR at 8 weeks, at least from pics from people on here. For me the color red brings a good market for Hispanics and Japanese.... glad to see this thanks for sharing. Good job....
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I know, im pretty proud of them..they dont even eat alot of the good 23% food..just mill scraps..And they are heavy...going to have to get a scale and weigh them..i swear they seem as heavy as my brahmas, whom are much larger then them..
wow girl! GREAT work! those look amazing, really. i'm SO glad this is a better go around for you.... and i am QUITE jealous
... my 5(?) week olds look not so much on track with yours... granted we did have record breaking highs up until early this week (95 degrees at 8,000 feet in northern colorado, combined w/ the super intense sun..say what?!). but wow!
They look about the same size as mine did at 8 wks. We processed at 12 weeks and had a few dressed out at 5 -6 lbs, a bunch at 6 - 7 lbs, and a fair number at 7 - 8 lbs. One had a bum leg, grew him out in a dog crate right in the coop, he did ok. I had thirty of them, had to buy a new freezer to hold them all. Beautiful birds, with and without feathers!

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