Mar 16, 2016
Good morning everyone,
I want to start preparing for my next generation of girls. So I have 7 hens, nothing exciting, but have no I buy started pullets or ready to lay girls. Typically I buy new ones in the spring but then if they aren't ready to lay, then I have a overlap.

So I was thinking of extending this current flock until fall next year, and already have my next 7 ready and laying by that time. My problem is....I only have one coop. Would I be able to add 1 1/2 year olds with ones just able to be in a coop? I have the room but don't want the old ladies beating up my youngings. For those that do transition, how do you do it without roosters assuming I'm not raising from chicks.
W hat breeds do you have ? A good rule to follow is that they can be integrated when they lose their chick voices. The breeds can make a lot of difference in how nice they will be
I've found if I let them all out together while they are all free ranging, they can establish themselves much better and will follow the big gals into the coop at night.
As long as they're the same size, you can mix them. They will fight some, it's inevitable. I always put the new ones on the roost with the others after dark, it goes a bit better if they all wake up together. Some people make a separate area within the coop and let them see each other for weeks. Personally, I don't have the room or the patience for that. I just added 7 to my previous 5 and after three days, it's all pretty harmonious out there. I don't see what a rooster has to do with it either way though.

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