New Hampshire Red Bantams?


9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
I just got a selection of hatching eggs at the chicken auction and have just put them in the incubator. I ended up with some New Hampshire Red bantam eggs which I couldn't resist as I got them for £1
But I know nothing about the breed other than presumably they are red. Has anyone got any? What are they like to keep- personality / laying etc. Would love to see pictures of any. Lets hope some of the eggs hatch
Good luck with the hatch. Especially that you have some New Hampshires. I keep large fowl. It is going to depend on the strain you have. Most are friendly enough and it seams that some of the bantams will go broody. Good examples are good looking birds. I know of one flock where the hens did go broody, were marked well, but a little short on type. They were relatively calm, and laid about four eggs per week. I liked them and have always considered starting a flock.

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