New hatch with a large yolk sac


Apr 29, 2017
So, I am very excited, out of nearly 24 eggs, only 5 look like they are going to hatch. I received them by mail, and I know that greatly decreases the odds, and add on top of that that the mail man put them in my mail box even though they said live eggs, so two were broken. And there was a freeze that night, honestly, I am surprised any survived. I had my broody hen sitting on 7 of them, but she just stopped sitting on them the other day, so they were cold when I found them, and I had to add the 3 that looked like they had chicks in them to the eggs in the incubator. Anyways, I wanted to know if or when I should try to do something about the large protrusion on my new chick. Thanks for any help!

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