Jun 10, 2020
SF Bay Area, CA
Hi! I’m a mama to three young kids, three dogs, one cat, and two leopard geckos, but no chickens, yet.

I would love some friendly chickens that my kids can handle but who also lay a variety of colored eggs. Easter Eggers? Olive Eggers? Black Copper Marans? I’m open to suggestions about the most kid-friendly chickens who lay the prettiest eggs.

I currently homeschool and I enjoy crocheting and reading in my (very little😴) spare time. I’ve downloaded a pattern to crochet one of those “egg collecting aprons” but I haven’t gotten started on it yet.

I found BYC while doing a google search for my local chicken laws. I’m in Cecil County Maryland, if anyone has any advice for me! I have family members with chickens here, one of my neighbors has chickens, I don’t think it’s a problem but I’d like to be very clear on the laws before we even build the coop(which my husband is going to start working on soon! 🙂)
Easter Eggers are a great option, as they are both friendly, lay beautiful colored eggs, and come in countless colors! I personally recommend Dominiques as well.
I also have a leopard gecko, and an African fat-tailed gecko!

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