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Sep 6, 2013
My name is sean, I am new to this site and it seems great. I am about to be moving to 10 acres I purchased last year and the first thing I am going to do is get some RIR and Rocks, probably 5 hens each, no roosters yet. I will be building a coop soon and will have it completed before I buy the hens. Does anyone know of a website I can order these hens from or any breeders in northeast Oklahoma? Thanks for any suggestions.
We purchased from Meyer Hatchery on line Aug 1. Great, friendly chicks so far. They notify you via text or phone call when chicks are shipped and also overnight ship. Very pleased with our purchase!
I agree with Liz, if you find people locally you won't have to subject chicks to shipping, and the birds would be used to your climate.

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