New Improved Features: Search Threads & Article Ovations

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    Advanced Search in Threads

    When you're viewing a thread, the "search this thread" control will now expose more options:

    1) keyword search, of course, but also
    2) username of the user posting
    3) date range of posts
    4) sort by: recency/relevancy

    We hope that all of our advanced searchers will enjoy the additional options!


    Ovations for Articles

    Articles have been added to the Ovation system, so their authors can earn reputation for their efforts.


    This isn't a new feature, but I wanted to point it out in case peeps don't know about it:
    See who posted and how much:

    If you go to a forum list then click on the # of posts it will pull up a list of all the people who posted in a thread. Click on the # of times they posted and it will bring up all their posts. Here's a screenshot:


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