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5 Years
Sep 30, 2014
Today our girl turn 6 months(22 wks) they look healthy to me, I feed them organic, no GMO layer feed. And twice a week, they get greens, with minced garlic. Today they got a treat of shredded carrots, romaine lettuce strips, and minced garlic. Lots of clean water, and when should I expect the first eggs? I have one Delaware, 2-Black Australorp, 2-New Hampshire Reds. We reside in central east coast Florida
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Do they free range? If so, look around, you may have some in the yard. 22 weeks may still be a little early if they don't look ready to lay. I have a 30 week old Silver laced Wyandotte that hasn't laid the first egg and her sister seems to be laying fine. All in the little lady's time. I know it's so painful waiting for that first beauty but trust me, it is worth all the wait!
Post a picture of them and the people on here will give you their opinion based on the way they're looking right now.
I did post a picture that is if I did it right. But they are in a fenced run with lots of elbow room

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