New meatie babies came in & freebies!!

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Apr 9, 2012
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After our accidental raising of two Cornish X (TSC mystery chicks) we ordered 8 more to raise strictly for our freezer. I know a lot of people complain about the roosters that they send but when I opened up my box and saw 7 freebie, mystery roosters I jumped for joy!! I just keep picturing all of the chicken stock that will soon be in my freezer!

I have not had fresh 'yard bird' since I was a child and will never go back, they were delicious! My 6 year old son was literally sucking the bones dry as he was thanking Big Bird (we named her before we knew she was a cornish x) for supplying us with food. I love the lesson this is teaching my children about where food comes from and to be thankful to the animal for giving his life for our meal.
I am hoping we can adjust as well.. This is my intention and I am raising Meat Birds now, I try not to get attached and really want us to be more self sufficient .. But we haven't gotten to the Eating stage yet .. I hope we do as well as you .. I tell my children right up front what ones they can think of as pets and what ones they need to picture with a nice BBQ sauce ; )
Big Bird was by far the favorite in our flock and it was hard, myself and my youngest could not be outside when my husband did the deed. But, I explained to my boys that she was a meat bird and that was what she was put on this earth for. If we would not have raised her she would have been put in a dark building w/no sunlight and horrible conditions. At least with us, she had a happy life of hunting bugs, snacks, being loved on, & we gave thanks to her before the meal. My youngest is a gentle soul and said it was sad but he understood and would honor Big Bird's sacrifice by cleaning his plate. And boy did he!

Good luck, it will be tough at first but worth it!
My 10yo is a sensitive soul - so he's 'named' all the meaties a variety of 'foodie' names: Dumpling, Stew, Roaster, Fried, Grillie (a girl), Dinner, Lunchmeat, the days of the week, Caccatore (sp?), etc..... It's helped. My 13yo just calls 'em "Supper"!

I'm hoping my sons will be interested enough in the whole circle of life, but I'm not pushing it. That's what our egg layers are for. Now, if one of those would just go broody on us, we'd be well set for next winter!

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