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Nov 29, 2020
Hello! My name is Jeremy and I am a new member. My wife and I are going to start building our coop for a our new flock we are hoping to have next spring. My wife and I have 2 boys and love being outdoors.
I grew up around ducks, geese, goats, and chickens and although we are living a more urban life I want them to get to experience the same joys I had growing up.
We are very excited to learn and become urban chicken farmers.
I am most interested in coop builds, space requirements, breed characteristics, tips and tricks to fostering happy healthy birds.
I look forward to what this site has to offer.


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May 10, 2020
Chester, Nova Scotia
My Coop
My Coop
Hello from Nova Scotia and welcome to BYC! You’ve joined a great and resourceful community! Enjoy your journey!

I found this list helpful when I was starting to select breeds. I ended up going with Easter Eggers, but this list helped me establish my ‘wish list’ for when we have space for more!!

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