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Jan 6, 2012
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Hello everyone!! I just wanted to introduce myself a little. I am a new member to this forum because I figured that I should probably join since I get advice from here all the time. I am married with 3 girls (ages 10, 4 and 17 months) and a 12 year old stepson. We currently have 16 4 week old Americana pullets and 16 4 week old Golden-Laced Wyndotte pullets. I also have 4 Mille Fluer bantams (3 hens, 1 roo), 3 frizzle hens and a blue silkie roo. We also have a chihuahua, a cockatiel and 4 rabbits. Yes there are times I feel like I live in a zoo. I am an RN currently working for our local school system. I look forward to learning from you all and enjoying all the pictures posted. I will post pictures of my chickens as soon as I can. I love my chickens and truly enjoy watching them daily. They are a very relaxing animal!!
Welcome to byc.
I'm glad you joined. I'm Rebecca and I have 8 chickens. There breeds are in my signature you are going to love byc. But it is very addicting.
you learn so much here. If you ever have a question just ask.

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