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    Oct 5, 2015
    So I recently got chickens to show and my mom got laying hens. About 3 weeks ago I entered them in the fair. My Chickens were perfectly fine. But a kid had kicked up dirt in the barn by my chickens so my Delaware and 6 month old mix started sneezing. Obviously from dust being kicked up around them. But now back at home the same two hens are still sneezing and "coughing" not sure if chickens can cough or not. All of the other hens and my roster are perfectly healthy, no sneezing or coughing. Only these two. They have clear and yellow junk around their nose but they aren't "throwing up so to speak" any ideas on how to help them?

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    It sounds much more likely that they picked up some contagious infection while at the fair. Whenever you get new birds, or bring home birds from an exhibition, it is a wise precaution to isolate them from the rest of your flock for a few weeks to avoid introducing diseases to your home birds. Hopefully it is not a serious issue and the birds will recover.

    If you have not already done so, separate the affected birds into a quiet, protected area and monitor their water intake and appetite closely.

    Good luck.

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