New pullets sneezing and wezing with runny orange stool


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Mar 10, 2010
I need help, badly. i just purchased 10 young pullets and a 1yr old rooster. 5 r 12 weeks old, and 5 r 4 weeks old. i put the larger pullets in with my laying flock. later on that day i noticed they acted funny sneezing and weezing, it was very gurgly and wet sounding. then i noticed runny orange poop on the ground. i immediatly removed the pullets and quarantined them. since then one of my larger hens has started breathing very raspy and gurgly. i am now feeding all of my flock medicated starter grower, and putting tetracyclene along with vitamins and minerals in their water fresh daily. I found out from a friend that purchased ducks from the same man that when he was there there was dead chickens laying on the ground. Does anyone have any idea what my birds have, and what i need to do to rid them of it. Thanks, Dustin

Please E-mail me at [email protected]

My entire flock consists of : 5 grown Americaunas, 2 small americaunas, 5 young rirs, 2 oeg hens,1 red star, 2 bboeg bantams and
2 welsummers


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Aug 18, 2008
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Now you know the value of quarantine! Often times, they can have some latent illness or virus, that can be activated by the stress of moving and new chickens. Hard to say exactly what they have, other than some type of respiratory disease. Keep a close eye on them, post with any new symptoms, and if one dies, I would refrigerate the body and have a necropsy done in order to figure out what exactly you are dealing with.
You could take a look at this chart:
http://www.apa-abayouthprogramsite.... SYMPTOMS FOR DIAGNOSING POULTRY DISEASES.pdf
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