New rescue duck


Mar 25, 2020
Everyone say hello to Blue.
A rescue group in my town reached out to us as we took in another rescue of theirs. Someone they knew bought her from a local store Bd then their parents took it and dumped it in a local park and she was not doing well.

she was labeled by the store as a pekin, but she is small and has blue on her bill. Am thinking she is a mix. Anyone have any ideas?

she has some rough skin on her neck and was being severely over mated. She is spunky but affectionate


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Looks like a silver swedish or silver runner. Hard to tell the posture. Definitely not a pekin.

Once we saw her we figured she was a mix with something or was mislabeled by the store the person got her at. She’s just a hair bigger than a mallard so if she was part pekin, one of her parents was tiny
She is a very pretty girl. From your description it sounds small for a Swedish. Do you know about how old the is? My swedish were pretty small until about 3-4 months old. So many be she is still growing.
About 3 months. Maybe 4
She’s so timid. We couldn’t pick her up til late so I’m keeping her in a make shift pen in the living room for the night and will introduce her to the flock in the morning. But she is hiding behind the bin I put in there and every so often just leans her head back to peek at me and size me up. She’s still deciding if I’m to be trusted or not.
My wife was holding her on the ride home and she seemed comfy on my wife. My wife was living it til Blue pooped on her. I told her it’s a right of passage 😂
A duck pooping on you is definitely a right of passage!

Poor little girl. At least she is going to have a great home now. And lots of friends now.

We rescued a duckling that a college student bought. She was so starved, weak, and craving attention. We got her in time to have her bounce back. I do think she is a bit small for a khaki. But she is so much happier. I am sure your girl will also be happier in time.
Yeah she will be happy. 5 other ducks 4 of which. Are females, and my drake shows very little interest in mating so she won’t have to worry about over mating anymore. And my ducks took to my last rescue duck immediately so hoping they take to Blue the same way. They al like to forage for worms and splash in the pool together so she will have other ducks to frolic and play with
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Never had Swedish before. I have raised an Indian runner and an American black duck and gave them to a fried who has a flock that he raises on his property a couple years ago. Currently I have 3 Perkins and 2 rouens

she seems very curious. She’s hiding behind the bin I have her to sleep in and every now and then peeks out at me

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