New rir can’t see or walk! Clueless here.


12 Years
Feb 6, 2010
She is a Rhode Island Red and I was told she was 6-7 months old. She was active and had clear eyes.
she just sits there because her eyes are shut now.
3 days ago she had bubbles in her eyes and the following day one was shut. I brought her inside andnowboth her eyes won’t open.
The other chickens seem fine outside. There is no bleeding or signs of trauma. She ate good up until her eye shut and she hasn’t been eating or drinking much inside.
I am wondering if there is anything I could do for her from home.
Outside she had a large run and snap lock coop, inside she has a bunny cage.


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Do you see any swelling, redness, green bruising, of her feet or legs? Could she have been injured? Can she stand and walk at all or is her vision impaired where she cannot see to get around.

The bubbles in her eyes can be a sign of mycoplasma gallisepticum or MG, a respiratory disease that chickens have for life. Have you seen any pecking around the eyes from the other chickens? Has any bird in your flock had a respiratory disease before? She could have come with a respiratory disease in a dormant stage, and the stress of the move has caused an outbreak of symptoms. I would watch for any swelling around one eye, sneezing, lethargy, or rattly breathing. I would see if the breeder would take her back. If not, I would try to get tylosin, doxycycline, or other antibiotic to treat her.
She can stand and walk around but because her eyes are so swollen she doesn’t.

She didn’t look picked on, the sluggishness started after her eyes shut.
Here is a pic of her feet, I don’t see swelling or discoloration.

I brought home my first 3 chickens 3 weeks ago. They didn’t have any symptoms showing. She was one of them. This last Saturday I brought home 3 hens and a roo. The roo is super friendly and they all seemed to get along after a bit of pecking. Red just are her food

She was at a livestock market, no returns allowed. where do you find those antibiotics? A feed store?


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Getting started chickens from a livestock market, swap, or an unknown breeder is a way to bring in diseases. This looks like MG, but there is testing available. MG can be common in some backyard flocks. Some cull chickens who show symptoms as a way to control the spread. Some close their flocks to new birds, and don’t give away or sell birds from the flock ever, since they should all be considered carriers. You can get Tylosin or Doxycycline to put in the water of only the sick bird here:
I know it’s risky but we don’t really have a lot of options where I am. We had chickens before but the critters kept eating them.
We fixed that problem but now poor red is sick.

I bought the medicine but I’m not sure it will make it in time for her. At what point would you suggest putting her down?
I just wanted to give you an update since you helped me out with so many ideas for this sweet young hen.

Red (survivor) is all better and joined back with her flock. Thank you for taking the time to help a stranger out.


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Glad to hear that Red is all better and back out with her flock. Did she get well on her own or did you treat her with any medicines.
The next day i went to our feed store and looked up all the options they had.
I found one (a cattle antibiotic) and added it to her water.
Thanx again!

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