New Roo and hen that wants to go broody


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Nov 5, 2013
I got a Golden Cuckoo Marans Roo 4days ago. One of my Light Brahma hens seems to want to be broody and I would like to try raising a few chicks. My question is should I wait longer to let Big Bird (hen) to allow her to start brooding eggs or would they be fertilized now? I know the chicks will be crossbreed, but I want to try this way before I invest in another coop along with some very expensive pullets.
I would appreciate any thoughts and or advice on this.
Has your rooster done his "business"? If so type in the sentence below and it will show you a great artical on raising with broodys.

guide to letting broody hens hatch and raise chicks
Once your rooster mates, the eggs are usually fertile in 48 hours. So, if he mates Monday, then Tuesday's egg likely won't be fertile, but Wednesday's will.

If you hen is just now acting broody, don't give her eggs just yet. I always wait until the hen has spent at least 2 nights in row on the nest to confirm she's serious, then I give her the eggs I want her to hatch. If I'm trying to tempt one, I'll use sacrifice eggs in the nest, a nice big clutch, marked with a sharpie. Some hens just decide to go broody and they're stuck to the nest that day, some flirt with the idea for up to a week. Once she's on for 2 nights in a row, she's pretty serious in my experience, so I then give her fresh eggs.

So, if your hen is just thinking about brooding, you've still got a few days to collect eggs for her to hatch. This means more time for your rooster to fertilize eggs.

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