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    Jun 7, 2013
    We picked up a new partridge silkie roo. He's a pretty boy I might add :D We have a white silkie roo, we had 2 but the other one had an appointment with a roaster he couldnt be late for [​IMG],17 hens of varying flavors and one little cutie silkie/buff orphington (we think) cross we hatched. It is totaly cute. :D So here is my question.

    The little chick was already introduced and being the smallest/youngest actually getting along pretty well, aside from being
    pushed around a bit. The bigger birds spend the day out and about and I have been leaving the little one in the coop with one or 2 other birds successfully during the day. We have a small run attached for the stubborn ones that won't go out in the morning :D

    We introduced the new roo at night thinking that the girls and boy would just kind of "Oh look we got another bird" and get their new order figured out in the yard where they spend the day. They've got quite a bit of room to chase each other and escape if needed.
    Well, the new boy is a big ole scaredy cat. He just hides all day, He looks and behaves like an older bird then our white roo and I was thinking he would thus take a more alpha role, or even beta. but he seems to be ranking right down with the baby. Not a terrible thing. I think he'll get adjusted with time.

    I have noticed the cutest thing. This rooster and the baby are like best buds. they hang out together all day, and I've often found them snuggling at night. I've read silkie hens make great moms, but the Rooos make good moms too?

    Now, I was under the impression that roosters are generally kind of jerks. It is their job to keep the girls in line and protected, Is what I'm seeing a trait of the silkie breeds? They are more docile then other roosters I've read, but dont have any real experience. I do love the adorableness of the big fluffy roo and his little side kick tho :D

    I'm goign to be posting pictures to the silkie cross discussion later for those interested in seeing.

    Cheers all

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