New rooster, young hens


Jul 9, 2022
Hey everyone! I have 6 pearlstar leghorn females (3 months old) and my fiancé wanted to get a rooster to add to the flock. We got a Australorp rooster and he’s just under a year old from what I was told. Have had him two days so far, been keeping him in the garage over night with plans to intro him to the girls in the morning and we’ve noticed him charging at the hens and pecking them occasionally. I insisted to my fiancé that it was just the pecking order unfolding but now I’m not sure. I am fairly new to homesteading so any feedback will be valuable!
Hi there! Welcome!
He really should have been quarantined for a few weeks to make certain he's healthy, first rule of livestock, don't assume an animal is healthy. Then put him and the girls on opposite sides of a fence for them to meet and get used to each other for a week or two. He could be trying to set up the pecking order but if he's trying to get them to submit for mating, they're far too young for his advances, they could get hurt. You might want to keep them seperate for a few months, until the girls are laying. Unless he's a calm boy, he might need more girls so he doesn't over breed the girls you have.

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