NEW** ( Rouen Crested Duck Eggs 6+@$15,S/H INC,NC).

I feel so sad today.I have duck eggs and no one wants to buy from me.And I have changed my prices and I know that is well below what other people are asking.Please Buy from me.I would be so grateful if you would.We really need the money,and this is not a Joke,I am so depressed,because we need money to take care of some things.I am not messing about this either.Our taxes we can not even pay for them.I know it is hard for others too,but if you can find it in your heart,please help us.Thanks ,BackSwampGirl
I am sure your ducks are nice, my incubator is full at the moment and then I am done hatching until spring. It is getting colder, freezing at night in some places, that is probably why people aren't hatching right now. Take care!
I have as many ducks as my yard can hold....and I wont do crested.

Make sure you advertise on craigslist and kijiji too. They are both free services.
I don't think it is that no one wants to buy from you. It's just the time of the year and a lot of people don't want to hatch anymore with winter coming on.

I bet they will go like hotcakes next Spring. Tell those ducks to take a break so they will be laying like crazy around March.

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