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Trying to pick a best location for a run. I have decided to build it somewhat closer to my home, behind my large detached garage.
This allows me great sightlines from the house, provides a good winter windbreak, and is somewhat shady on summer afternoons.
We have all varmints here except large snakes, and no possums, too far north, so building a predator proof pen, is a must.
I also want to make a new dog run, adjacent to the chicken run, but obviously not connected in any way, I have 2 dogs, Golden R, and Border Collie X, they could offer more security against any threat, but they themselves could be a threat left unattended with chickens.
I am using 16 gauge 2 inch square wire, 8 ft high, with a top, and welded wire mesh on first 2 feet or something of similar material, with this horizontally dug into the ground.
Does this sound like a wise plan, or not? I am raising Bantams, and have 5, but my have as many as 10-20, with some bigger hens for eggs....

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Mar 31, 2008
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Having the dogs and chickens side by side may be too much temptation for the dogs.
It's hard to say, not knowing them.
They might do better if they couldn't see the birds

Otherwise it sounds OK


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Nov 20, 2012
Its a good idea but i think its going to be to risky!!!

Because the dogs are probably not used to chickens so they will get probably some anxiety and pace back and fourth up againts the chicken fence. And thay may even nip at the chickens.

When we let our chickens out to wonder around our small backyard our Golden Retriever would always lie down in the grass. One of our chickens would always come over to the grass and peck at our dogs tail.

If you have a choice I would try to keep them sepereated or intergrate them slowly. But it really depends on the dog and the chickens so I would bring them together and see how it works out.

Hope that works.

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7 Years
Thanx for the replies and opinions, the dog run would be in close proximity, but dogs will not see directly into the chicken run, will have sight barriers, but they would see up high on the run, so to see any coons or such predators.
My dogs free range, so they will be in run with house at night or when needed to be contained, they will see chickens and chickens will see them, it will either work or not. I am thinking of making my chicken run either elevated, with a floor, either cage wire floor or solid, or a walled for the first 36 inches to keep the view of dogs away from both parties. Heck I work in a prison, this is like managing inmates in segregation for $hit sake's......LOL


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Dec 7, 2011
I've often thought that the next coop I build will be in the dog run. At least then all I would have to worry about is the dog. So it sounds like a good idea to me, just remember to bury the wire at least a foot in the ground.

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