New shipment of baby chicks coming this week. Worried about the Texas HEAT!!


Jan 9, 2016
Hello I live North of Houston, Willis
I am getting a shipment of 30 new baby Rhode Island Red chicks this week Aprox 2 - 3 day old when I receive them and I am worried about the Texas heat.
The brooder box is made of Plywood with a wire top, I have a heat lamp, not sure if it will be needed. I will be providing plenty of water and food, also installed a fan to keep the air circulating and hopefully make them a little cooler.

I lost a few last time when it was a little colder but it really doesn't get that cold where I live.

I will also keep them away from the rest of the flock until they are a bit older.

Any suggestion or anything I'm missing? I really don't want to lose any of these chicks
Hello there!!!
I recommend also perhaps covering the brooder with a thermal resistant sheet to restrict heat from getting to the always works......keep them out of much direct sunlight and ensure their water is ALWAYS cool.....First signs of too much heat will be panting and consistent cheeping......Hope this helps...have fun...GHull
Your chicks should do fine with no added heat source as long as the ambient temp remains above 80F-90F. There's a reason for adding a heat source when the temperatures are cool. It's to add back body heat lost to not having insulating feathers. Chicks won't lose any body heat in your warm climate.

I would hesitate to cover the brooder with anything, though, if the sides of the brooder are solid wood. The chicks need good ventilation to allow ammonia gases to escape. I would be concerned they'd accumulate in a covered brooder. Have you thought of cutting windows in the sides and covering with hardware cloth? Chicks do much better when able to take in the world around them.

Also, have you considered brooding in proximity to your adult flock? Over the years, I've discovered that chicks raised in sight of the flock are accepted from the beginning and integration is a breeze because the flock has seen them since they were tiny. I wrote an article for BYC about this method linked below my post.
Sorry....when I said a thermal sheet.....I meant not in a way that would suffocate the chicks or would let the ammonia stay in.....totally agree with the above, they need to see the world around them.....that'll also mean they kind of know what they're coming to! (when they're grown-ups!)Hope all goes OK...good luck
Good advice I will cut holes in the sides of the brooder box and cover with Hardware cloth for ventilation.
Yes they will be kept in the same area as the rest of the flock.

heat lamp scratched, Installed vents in brooder, covered holes with chicken wire, installed fans in coop to help keep the chicks and the flock cooler and made 2 chicken swings for the flock to play with.
Thanks for all the advice

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