New sick hens gettin better, now healthy are gettin sick!!!

I need help, My Husband thought he was helping and had a friend get him 6 new layer hens. All 6 came to me with Respiratory problems, Bald spots obviously victims of poor flock management. I did check for bugs none found, keep checkin stool no worms found. They sounded sinusy, some with goopy eyes or glued shut. All with runny nostrils. I don't have the room to seperate them all. I brought the one with eyes glued shut inside. Had to wait till later the same day to start tetracycline in water. Most symptoms improved. None the less after reading about Tylan 50 was going out to get it but instead found Vet Rx and also bought a water soluable mix. It has vitamins, electrolytes and lactobacillus (healthy live bacteria). The hens have improved only one has goopy eyes. Another I brought in the other night was wheezing badly and now breathing quiter. But the one I brought in the first day with eyes shut won't eat on her own and will only drink when incouraged. It's been 10 days all are alive anyway. I've been watching my other chickens for sickness. Yesterday I noticed a rooster with diahrea, thought maybe from the water treatment. This morning I went to feed them and noticed the feed i gave them yesterday morning before work wasn't gone. I had also given them some scraps as a treat, they were gone. So I believe the healthy are gettin sick. QUESTION: Do I continue with VetRx and electrolytes on these birds as well? Or should I get the Tylan 50. Or I saw something mentioned about Tylan 200. I'm thinking if I get to it before there as bad off as the new ones they won't get very sick at all. I was thinking there sickness sounded like CRD to me. Should I cull them and start over. My children also show at the county fair therefore we will be getting more from the hatchery in feb. If these have CRD will they infect all new birds we bring on the property? I can't get ahold of the guy my husband got them from he just switched jobs and no longer works with him. I'm feeling desperate right now. I've had chickens for 10 yrs. and never had to deal with this. Also I'd like to start using ACV but can I mix it with the electrolytes and probiotics in there water? And I have a Pekin duck in the same coop with them.


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Oct 26, 2012
Sorry to hear about your chickens. I'd like to hear how your chicken is doing... Garlic is very good to give your chickens if you can handle the smell of it in your coop. I started giving it to my chicken along with a bunch if other things and slowly it seams her breathing is getting a little bit better. I crush a clove of garlic and share it between my coop and my sick one. I have her inside to keep warm and so that she doesn't pass it on to the flock. Garlic is used to help with fungus... I also use banana to help built up the lung tissue. I also heat her water regularly... Cold water causes the body to use energy to make it body temperature. It will also feel nice for her being sick and cold feeling. Every other day I put mint in her water. Then Orange to increase vitamin C. Hope this helps. At this point I'm trying everything. Please reply to tell me how your chicken is doing later. At this time I wouldn't suggest getting new chickens...



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It may seem harsh but I would cull and start over, especially if your kids are wanting to show and you are planning on getting new chicks in the spring. Even if you get these birds cleared up they are still going to be carriers of whatever respiratory disease it is they have, it will always be getting passed on to new birds that you bring in. Clean every thing out, every nook and crannie. I use Oxine AH to fog the coops thoroughly, it kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. NON activated Oxine can also be used in their drinking water and can be used in a fogger with the birds in the coop so they can breath it in, this helps if birds have a fungal infection.

Best of luck in whatever you decide to do. Dealing with the respiratory stuff is so frustrating.

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