New to BYC and to chickens.


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May 21, 2012
Riverside County, CA
Hi, my name is Kristi. I just acquired two Red Star (Red Sex Link?) chicks for my anniversary. They have been living in the brooder for the past few days, as their coop is not yet set up. I have a few questions, which I'll ask in the "raising backyard chickens" section, but for now, I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm 44 years old and live in an old farming community, which I love. The area I live in allows us only so many animals, and no large livestock, so we've got dogs, cats, chicks and bunnies. The chicks are days old, and one of the buns is pregnant, so we've got a lot going on right now.

I'm a homeschooling mom, so everything is a learning opportunity. We've graduated two and only have one left, our 13yo daughter who is in 8th grade, so I'm almost done. :)

I have a nice sized garden and love to do that as well as raising all of our little creatures. We love them all and raise them as friends and companions to us. (At this point, we are not raising anyone as meat, so that fact makes the "friends" part easier.)

Anyway, thanks for having me. Looking forward to learning a lot here!
from Alabama. Glad you joined us.
Welcome to BYC! We've got a flock of 4 and my son (3 y.o.) adores them! We're hoping to home school as well. You're right - everything is a learning experience. Enjoy the chickens (and bunnies and other fur family members).

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