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Oct 15, 2018
Hello , I’m not new to raising chickens but you always come across something that boggles your mind about them . I raise them for eggs which these are our pets and also for meat, we recently got in to quail since they are the only hard boiled egg the kids will eat at school. Buts it’s been a challenge figuring out how to house them over our very cold -30-45 windchill winter weather that’s why I have signed up for byc I always read the forums but I figured maby this time I should ask the question - how do I not accidentally kill them over our cold manitoba winter i have a 6x8x8 foot shed that 2x4 construction insulated walls a insulated man door and a small window. With a 12”x12” non insulated chicken door the shed is on concrete slab if I have thick bedding down will it be enough I do not want to heat over winter but will provide heated water is this adiquate for 13 quail or is heat a nesesity
Thanks for joining the group. This is my first winter with my chickens and I put up plastic on the run to help block the wind and I'm hoping the coop will keep them warm enough but if not and I see them stressed I will put a heat lamp on only on the very very cold days. I live in Idaho and from all the people I talk with in this area they say the chickens can handle the cold just fine without heat.


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