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Nov 7, 2012
Hi everyone
We are new to BYC
We have some eggs in our incubator that are due to hatch this weekend
we are very excited yet very nervous. we're wanting to everything right. any information is greatly appreciated. can someone also explain how the hatching egg auction works. thank you so much, hope to hear from someone soon
I hope you have fun on this site...I do and I hope your hatch works out my eggs were not fertile and my cousins dogs killed all of mine in their cages last Sunday morning...I hope you have better luck than I did...welcome from North Carolina
Greetings from Kansas, myhappyfeathers, and
! Happy you joined us! I have no experience with hatching so I'll leave that to the experts. Just wanted to say howdy and welcome aboard!!
Hello to kansas
, thank you so much for the welcome. I am so excited that i have joined BYC, everybody seems so friendly and helpful. I cant wait to start talking about chickens and posting some of my pics. I'm still figuring out the forum and rules, any advise would be great.
Thank you so much Fierlin1182, that was the section I was looking for and the faqs really helped. I'm trying to find lemon cuckoo maran orpington hatching eggs. seems to be pretty hard

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