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6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
Edmonds, WA
Hi all,

Just checking in to say that we loved this site long before we joined. My chicken coop design came from pictures posted by members, numerous questions were answered, and even what breed to start out with was determined by surfing here. It's only logical that my family joined.

I built a nice Wichita style coop between 2012/2013. We set up a brooder in the basement and bought 6 straight run Buff Orpington chicks on 4-13-13 from our local CO-OP. We kept them in the brooder until 5-18-13, at which time we put them in the coop. We got our first egg on 8-24-13, exactly 20 weeks after we bought the chicks. On 8-31-13 we butchered one of the chickens and had a delicious roasted chicken stuffed with fresh veggies from our garden. Today, 9-8-13 we got three eggs in one day(a record), and they're getting bigger and bigger each day.

I'm very glad that we did a whole bunch of research, planning, and labor to get our backyard chickens to where they are today. So far we seem to have gotten astronomically lucky with the straight run, no roosters. We, unfortunately, can't have a rooster so luckily we don't have to try and give a rooster away or eat him just for being male. We want to make ourselves available to anyone on this site that may have questions about back yard chickens.

Thanks to all that helped us get started.

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Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!

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