new to chickens in Minnesota


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Mar 13, 2009
hello all - i have been reading posts on this site and have appreciated all of the insights. We adopted 4 bantees 2 roos and 2 hens last fall and have made it through the winter. I thought I was getting egg layers - shows you how dense I was. Anyways, we now have 3 week old chicks, don't know yet what they are but are of brown egg variety. Hopefully my 6th grader will get more into them so she can show them for 4H. If not, I am glad they will eventually lay eggs and this isn't for nothing... My husband is very gracious and really seems to be taking to the "girls" as he calls them. He works from home so he is around more to check on them. thank heavens!!

I think I will watch & read a bit more - right now, just trying to figure this deal out...

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