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Jul 28, 2016
Gloucestershire UK
Hi all,

Im hoping to pick up my first Duck's on Saturday (Yay). I have previously kept Chicken's so i have a rough idea on care,
however Chicken's didn't need water to splash around in.

We are currently in the process of building a house (for us humans) and when this is done we will have a duck run and pond built, but i am looking for something cheapish to use in the meantime? What would you all recommend?

Many thanks
A kiddie pool is all I use. I fill it every morning and Dump it out and refill the next morning. They poop lots in the water so I find it simple to use the kiddie pools. I free range so that is when they use the pool. having it in the pens causes too much mess and flies.
Thank you for reply's. Would something like this be okay for 6 ducks:$TMB$&wid=312&hei=312
Would you recommend i keep this in the pen with them, or outside the pen in the summer. Sadly i will only be able to let them out when im home (and im hoping to be working full time soon) Was going to put in on some paving slabs to keep the area around it less muddy :-/
I have four 7 week olds, and they are in a baby pool bigger than those you pictured and they can barely fit.

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