New to incubating but don’t know what to do

Ben Theobalds

Jun 7, 2020
I seriously need help 2 days ago my cat stole 5 eggs (2 black birds and 3 wood pigeons) I have never incubated before and for the procedure I am using a shoe box insulated with cotton wool and the insides are coated with tin foil to stabilise the heat. In the shoe box I have poked hole most places and one big hole in the centre for my lamp, also it is in my airing cupboard as I live in England and (which isn’t very hot) I also have a humidifier going on. As my cat took these eggs I am unsure when they will hatch however on has made a big hole in its shell and I can see it’s beak and it breathing although this may be good news it seems to have little amounts of blood on it and membrane stuck on its self. Pls help

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