New to Incubating eggs pointers needed

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    OK so I got a wild hair and we are going to try this incubating thing.. I have a bunch on Ebay being shipped and I bought one of the baters from TSC. I also stuck 7 of my own eggs in there tonight. Now someone around here told me to set the bater at 101 but the instructions say 99.5? That is my first question second is my ROO went to the fair with my daughter for 4-H he has been gone 8 days now. What are the chances of the girls eggs being fertile and how do I tell if they are or arent? He is big stong young guy actually got my daughter Grand Champion [​IMG] YEAH! So please let any and all advise flow. I have 6 Phonex eggs, 12 Welsummer eggs, and 6 Silkie eggs on the way. Variety [​IMG], also in hopes that some will actually hatch lol! THANKS,
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    I have always kept my incubator right about 100 degrees. But a degree either way should not hurt.
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    First I would reccomend buying a thermometer AND a hygrometer- you can buy them as one unit in Walmart for fairly cheap. The thermometer it to tell you the air temps and the hygrometer will tell you the level of humidity. You will need to calibrate your incubator to the proper settings for each of those, and keep them stable for a few hours before adding any eggs.

    Temps should be between 99.5 and 100.5, but like the other poster said, it can vary a bit, but I personally would NEVER set my temp at 101, I prefer to stay below that. Humidity can be a personal choice, but the average is between 35% and 45%, and higher during hatching.

    After you set the eggs, wait 21 days, and remember, DONT open the incubator during days 18 till hatch. Its pretty important that you dont open it, to keep your chicks from drying out in the shell and then it isnt able to hatch and can die. Be sure to add water to the water wells in the bottom of the incubator during incubation, and right before day 18 so you wont have to open the bator.

    If you are using an auto-egg-turner, you will have to remove the turner and lay the eggs down on their sides in the incubator on day 17 or 18 (your choice) and then wait till day 21.
    If you are hand turning, you need to turn the eggs at least 3 X's a day, but 4 or 5 is really good, to help keep the embryos from sticking to the inside of the shell. Stop turning on day 18.

    There is way more to it, but I've done my best to give you the highlights that I am aware of. Hope this helped, and HAPPY HATCHING!!! [​IMG]

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