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Jun 3, 2013
Salem OR
A little background... I used to be active on this site back when I started with chickens. That was a little over 4 yrs ago. Since then...I still have chickens for eggs, but almost 2 yrs ago started raising meat rabbits. Now I have added Quail to my ‘micro farm’. We are raising for both meat and eggs.
I started with 60 eggs from Myshire Farm. At lockdown I had 46 viable eggs. OF those I had 39 hatch. 3 of those were late hatchers (day 21) and didn’t last but a few days. 1 ended up with an injury and I had to put it down at week one. 2 others died at 2 wks old. I am now a little past 3 wks and have 33 healthy chicks I just moved from the brooder to their grow out cage out in my ‘chicken run/bunny barn’. Everything is going well so far. They are adjusting well. I still have the heat lamp on because Oregon is having her typical bi-polar spring and it’s still a bit cold for them.
Would love to chat with anyone that has Jumbo Coturnix (I’ve got Browns).
Rather than have 20 different threads for me to follow, I figured we could cover it all right here.
Thread comments can be anything from
Just starteing
Meat recipes
Egg recipes
Health benefits of eggs
Anything quail lol

I started with about the same numbers you did but was raising them to feed my dog that. Had to be on a raw meat diet. She is no longer with us so I,be scaled back to just my two breeding pens so 12 birds. I’m on my second year and they are much slower to get started laying than my chickens. Almost decided to get out of quail since I don’t need the dog food but I have heard that there are some health benefits to eating quail eggs so we’ll see if they come online or get cooked.

I’m looking for recipes. LOL

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