New to quails - Need help with diet!


Nov 17, 2018
Hello, I am new to raising quails and I am going to be raising Coturnix quails. I was looking around the internet for a good diet to feed them once I get them but honestly I’m sure what to do. I want to keep quails just for eggs, but I also want to make sure the male quails will also be safe on this diet. I was going to use Purina mills 30% protein starter feed then switch to manna pro 24% after 6-8 weeks. I was wondering if this diet is fine for egg laying, or if there is another diet that I should use. Thanks!


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I would use the Manna Pro. I feed a 24% protien custom milled feed to all my birds from hatch till death. Haven't had any problems, digestive, laying, or developing to maturity. In my experince 30% protien tends to "burn them up", and they have GI tract problems, yeah, they grow at a little faster rate but have problems later on. These have been my experiences with high protien feeds, your experince may and probably will differ.
Best wishes with your quail raising adventure.


Mar 25, 2018
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Hi I would also go with the 24%. I suppliment with oyster shell and mealworms. Mine are ground birds so they have access to whatever bugs they find and greens from my plants. They also love mashed banana, yoghurt, popcorn, corn on the cob, cucumbers, melons, scratch, raspberries, pumpkin. I feed those intermitently for a bit of variety and excitement. Also I add apple cider vinegar to the water ever few refills as it's known to have several benefits for their feathers and intestines.
They have quite a varied diet which isnt probably entirely necessary given the complete feeds you can get, but I like to try and encourage some natural behaviours. It's all choice really.

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Nov 27, 2017
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I liked the OP's plan, and I have a friend that feeds them the Purina 30% from hatch till harvest. And his birds are some of the healthiest I've seen. But to each his own, I view 24% as a good minimum, and 30% as a good maximum for growing birds. Anywhere in there and you should be good. You could probably go as low as 20% once they are grown. Purina's gamebird layer is 20%, do you guys think thats to low?

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