new to raising chickens and turkeys.

Bogard chickens

Apr 21, 2015
small town Indiana.
Just wanted to say hello and I am learning alot from this sight. My daughter (8 yrs old) started out by saying we are only getting 6 chicks to start with. Well we ended up with 18 chicks and 3 turkeys. We have 6 Isa brown, 6 black star , 4 barred rocks and 2 bantam (she thought they were cute) . I'm building a 6'x12' chicken coop/ turkey house (oh no chickens and turkeys in the same building) on a very tight budget so far so good ,with the coop only about $200 in it,we still can't believe how fast the chicks and turkeys grow. I have some pics as I've built the coop try to figure out how to post later. Should finish and paint this weekend and get the fence up.
We house our turkeys with the chickens too, just be in the lookout for any signs of blackhead. I had a scare and thought one of my turkeys possibly had gotten it and then used every home remedy I could find, so far all the birds are happy and healthy! Good luck to your flock!

We're glad you joined us!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I also house my chickens and turkeys together, usually if you keep your coop clean, and provide fresh water, your chances of getting blackhead will be greatly reduced. Good luck with your flock!

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