New to raising chickens.. Feed questions

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    Feb 19, 2016
    Okay so i need to feed my chickens laying pellets but i also have a rooster in the same pin and he eats with them. And they eat the grower pellets from his feed bowl. And they also get crushed corn as a treat and some scraps. They are all about a year or so..(got them from someone who cant care for them any longer) So question... Can i just feed them all laying pellets and treats once in a while and completely stop the grower? Is that enough for the roo? I will also buy a little oyster shell for treats.
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    Oyster shell isn't a treat. The hens choose to eat it if they are not getting enough calcium from their diet. It needs to be in a separate container. Stop the layer feed and continue the grower feed and your rooster will be well.
    Roosters don't need a lot of protein either.
    If you want to feed the rooster separately, suspend a hanging feeder high enough that the hens can't eat from it and use a 15% protein finisher feed mixed with a bit of scratch grains.

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