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Creed Bennett

8 Years
Aug 25, 2011
Western Kentucky
I recently purchased three turkeys. Two Blue Slates and 1 Royal Palm. The Blue Slates are nice and calm. My Royal Palm is a neurotic mess. She paces back and forth in the run and peeps all the time. Do I need to get him another Royal Palm buddy or is it just this bird? On a brighter note I did finally come up with a name for her. I will be calling her Spaz.
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I have two turkeys. One is a Blue Slate (Mr. Tom) and the other is a Royal Palm (Mr. Turkey). I know, I know.....very original names.....Anyhow, my Royal Palm is much more active and vocal than the Blue Slate, so maybe it's just normal for your RP to be like that. Also, I'm sure they all need time to settle in.

I talk to my turkeys all the time when I'm out in the yard, and I often give them fresh corn from the garden.....Maybe offer some treats to get aquainted. I imitate the sounds my RP makes, and he will always talk back to me, and I think that's charming.

I'll bet things are fine.
No, you don't need to get another RP. Some turkeys are just that way when they are penned especially if they had been free ranged.
I was reading your post and thinking to myself I know this feeling!! I have 2 royal palms I thought they were pretty and my son had did thr research on them no where did I every read they are very active and vocal! Mine are both!!!!! I have a tom and not sure what the other is! the little one is my peeper everytime I am not where they can see me they start their high pitch peeping that sounds like a smoke detector going off!!!! Ours run with the chickens in the back yard only if we are out doors! They dont sleep in their coop yet the like thier cage in the house! I love them they are my babies they are so much fun to watch, ours like people are super friendly and like to be where we are! Good luck!!!!!
robyn1976, Thanks for the info. Makes me feel better that I'm not the only one. We had a royal palm before this one that was 6 weeks old and very vocal too. I'm not sure what happened to him. He was in the run in the morning peeping as usual. I went to work that morning and came back that afternoon and he was dead. My wife decided we would go back to our crack dealer...I mean poultry lady and get 3 this time. She thought one wasn't enough and they would like some pals to hang out with. My only stipulation was that we get some that were older and more hardy. The two blue slate are almost stoic in their behavior but Spaz is a mover and shaker. Silly turkeys!
It's funny because when my son wanted to do this i was like turkeys are u sure?? lol but now that they are here I love them they are so funny and very vocal all day the chrip and peep! In the morning becasue they still sleep in the house when they wake up the will start peeping so loud so I will uncover them then they are good til about 10 when they are ready to go outside! yes they are on a routine! who knew u can do that with turkeys! I think they are pretty smart little guys funny too
This is good to hear. I just got two last night & one of them just won't shut up. The other is peeping a little bit but seems much calmer. There is mayhem in the barn yard this morning. Chickens screaming because there are two huge birds roaming around there yard. Turkeys are freaked out because of the new situation. Roosters crowing. Dogs barking. Oh what fun, but I love it!
haha that sounds like our house! our turkeys have their own coop but I let them free range with the chickens! They kinda keep together not really with the chickens! I found out the one that I thought was a tom is a hen so I now have a pair! my son is excited I am not!!! I have been on here reading and learning as much as i can about blackhead, I have asked farmers with chickens and they have never heard of it! I went to the feed store and bought de and put in everyones food! so far so good! I just cant get mine to sleep in their little house we got them they love the dog cage!

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