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    I got eight mixed breed chicks Saturday (they are about one and two weeks old) and they have all been doing good, until today. This morning one (it is one of the older) was a little sluggish, but was moving around and I did see it drinking. It has gone downhill all day. I've tried to get it to eat with no luck. I have been able to get it to drink (water and a little sugar water) up until around early evening.

    I'm worried about the others now. I've been watching them and they are eating and drinking, and scratching around.

    They are outside in a secure warm coop. Around 95 degrees in the warmest spots and around 80 degrees in the coolest areas. They have been sleeping well away from the light today, with exception of the sick one. They are eating Dumor Starter/Grower Chick feed and they are catching bugs that get inside. I have been providing grit in a separate bowl and some on the board the feeder is sitting on. The bedding is hay and pine shavings.

    I moved the sick one inside under a lamp, but it continues to go downhill.

    Anything I should do with the others or something I should watch for?

    Thank you.
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    I like to keep avian 2000 on hand for just such cases, if you do not have any & your feed store does not carry - I would suggest you buy some online for future use. It is a good multi-vitamin to have on hand. I use it once a week every month in the winter.

    For the sicky try feeding it a cooked egg, yogurt is good to. Put apple cidar vineger with the mother in their water - everyones. I just throw about a tablespoon my quart container. Do not use the vinegar in a metal container. If you have garlic you may want to mince it up and give it to them - again all of them.

    You will want to moniter the others & move them to the hospital coop if they start to go down hill.

    Good job isolating your little sicky.....good luck!

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    Thank you. I will get some right away. Would it be wise to give the others some?

    The sick one passed within minutes of me posting. I did try egg and some feed in warm water, but it only took a tiny amount.

    I've had and taken care of many birds, but never chickens. It was sleeping standing up in the beginning. Is that something they do when sick?

    Knock on wood, the others are still doing OK. I'll get some apple cider vineger and garlic too.

    Thanks again! I've learned tons just reading the posts on this site.
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    Quote:Have a better day!

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