newbie breed help


7 Years
May 19, 2012
Hi there-

Just got my first three chicks from the local feed store. We were supposed to get a New Hampshire, a Barred Rock, and what they call an Araucana (though I know this will be an EE). They were all hatched 5/1/12. The problem is the BR, which is feathering out brown and and black. She/he has the beginnings of a single comb and black legs and beak. Here are a couple photos. Any ideas on what this little guy is? Or am I wrong, and this is just how BRs feather out?

The brown one is the Araucana. The Black one will be the Barred Rock. I have about 30 Araucana's and they all started out with the brown heads and feathers.
Black Sex Link, huh? Good to know. Yes, the brown one is the EE - it started out as a chipmunk. The one that is supposed to be a NH started out yellow and now has that brown that I figured would get redder - do you think it's something else?


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